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Estimation of Uncertainty in Rainfall RunOff modelling, Korea, Poland and Slovakia

Project funded by National Centre for Research and Development
Duration of the project: 23rd October, 2012 – 22nd October, 2014.
Project manager: Prof. Dr Kazimierz Banasik

There is an increasing number of water related natural disasters (e.g. cyclones, floods, and drought) which incur huge economic damages and loss of livelihoods in EU and Korea. Natural hazard risk management for flood has been received great attentions in recent decades. In Korea, a novel flood estimation method using rainfall runoff modelling is being studied in ChungBuk National University (funded by National Research Fund of Korea). In EU, a group of European scientists (from 26 countries) research on European method for flood frequency estimation (FloodFreq). They aim to suggest a general procedure of flood risk assessment under the various climatologic and geographic conditions in Europe. This proposed project will establish a network of Korean and European scientists, who are working on flood studies nationally, for “Technology for sustainable development”. Three well known researches institutes, ChungBuk National University(Korea), Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW(Poland) and Institute of Hydrology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia), will plan a joint research on the specific tasks below, - Data and Rainfall Runoff(RR) models - Application of RR Models at study catchments - Comparison and Analysis of uncertainty in RR Modelling - RR modelling tool(with Uncertainty estimation) for flood risk management This project provides reliable flood estimation as a main output, which is crucial for hazard risk management for flood. Furthermore, the uncertainty analysis in the prediction flow will increases the confidence in the risk management in future.

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