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Division of River Engineering
is, next to three others i.e. Hydrology and water resources, Hydraulics and Meteorology & climatology, a part of the Department of Hydraulic Engineering. It includes 12 researchers, with 3 professors and 9 Assistant professors (adjuncts), 3 technicians and 3 Ph.D.-students.

The River Engineering Division deals with questions of sediment transport, hydraulic structures and flood protection as well as river revitalization and restoration, river discharge quality and extremes.

The mission of the River Engineering Division is to bridge the gap between research and the practical work of the designing civil and environmental engineer.

The Division cooperates with many research institutions, participating in numerous national and international projects founded by Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, European Union (COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology) and by framework of Norway Grants and European Economic Area Grants (EEA Grants and Norway Grants), as well as by DAAD and British Council.

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